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Evan is a young boy who loves to sing and play his ukulele. At a Jason Crabb concert, he receives an unexpected present: his very own Jase the Crabb®. In his dreamland adventure with Jase,® Evan learns just how special and important his love of music is. He discovers that the things he enjoys doing most are gifts from God — gifts with a purpose and a perfect plan … straight from heaven.

The Jase® Series
Stories that reveal the goodness and love of God to children, families, and caregivers from all walks of life. Featuring Jase the Crabb®. Grab your copy today!

Buy Book 1 (One God, One You) | Buy Book 2 (Jesus + You = 2) | Buy Book 3 (3 Days Changed Everything) | Buy Book 4 (4 Letters Spell Love) | Buy Book 5 (5 Smooth Stones) | Buy Book 6 (The 6th "Be Attitude")

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Written by Jason Crabb ~ Illustrated by Anita DuFalla
Creative and Educational Consulting from Tina Morris, Philip Morris, Donna Scuderi, Anita DuFalla and Melissa Mann