Wife & Mother
Hi! I’m Shellye. No-one has to tell the wife of any minister, especially one that travels across the country as Jason does, that there will be sacrifices required of them! Doing God’s work isn’t always easy, but it’s what this family is called to do and I accept that responsibility. With two children in school and maintaining a home and coping with the busy schedule that Jason has, my role is to provide that safe-haven of rest and peace that Jason needs when he gets home.

Our two children are becoming more and more active in school so getting them two and from school, their events, keeping up the home, traveling with Jason every chance I get and helping with the office, my life is pretty busy right now. I am proud to be Jason’s wife and mother to our two beautiful girls, and so thankful of what God is doing in this ministry.

I don’t know what tomorrow may bring but, with Jesus I’ll take it “One Day at a Time”! By the way that’s one of my favorites on the new album! Thank you all for your support of Jason Crabb Ministries!